Thursday, 16 May 2013

Quick Update

I'm sorry for the shortfall of posts recently, and I have some sad news. I am very busy now and so will be unable to post anything untill the end of June. Because of the work overload, I do not want to post small meaningless posts with limited time. But be prepared because when I do start posting again, they will be bigger and better than before. So untill then i'm off.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

HDMI Cables

There's always the word HD involved when we talk about tech. HD TV's are a necessity in today's world. But a HD TV can be useless without HDMI cables. These are needed to connect DVD players, blue ray players, game consoles and etc... (so pretty much everything). Without a HDMI cable to connect your HD device, its like going to play football with a basketball (not saying its completely useless, but its really not making the most out of what you have).

So HDMI cables, these -
                                                                                              are needed. 

These are charged at unnecessarily high prices in high street shops (not naming any ;) but at the end of the day you can always snatch them up at a fraction of the cost from online retailers. Be sure to use well known online shops as they can almost always be guaranteed to provide a good product. 

I personally say pick them up from here HDMI to HDMI Gold Plated Connectors 1.8m Cable since they are at a bargain, only £1.50 including free delivery.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Kindle Ebook super SALE

There are a large number of kindle fans out there and you guys are in luck. Amazon is having a super kindle ebook sale. The link is here Amazon special Kindle book sale. The sale is called 60 Shades of May. 60 Shades of May.

Its got many many books at 99p each. Its well worth a check.

Click on any of the highlighted words to go there straight away. And Enjoy Reading !!!

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Must Have Sony MDRZX100B Fashionable Headphones

I was browsing through amazon and found a must have deal. For those who listen to music (everyone!!!), watch films and etc... you will need some decent headphones. And if your budget is not very high (like many of us - me included) then this deal seems ideal.

These are great, Sony MDRZX100B Fashionable Headphones with great customer feedback at a super super low price - only a tenner. Also available in many colours. - Enjoy!!!

Google Plus becomes world number 2

Bored of the same old Facebook. Then check out the amazingly new popular Google Plus which is now world number 2 after Facebook.

Its a great service by google which connects your already much used google account to the whole world out there allowing you to join communities, create hangouts, meet people and much much much more.

Google plus is a unique system that combines so many great google features creating one of (if not the) best social networking sites out there. Give it a try and comment bellow to share what you think of this amazingly popular social networking site.

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Also I found great deal on amazon for the S3 mini on the right hand side. One of the best prices you will find out there.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Great new update to my Handpicked Deals

My first post in May and I have a great new update which takes my handpicked deals much further. Now I have a special box which displays the one product I think has the best value out there which I think everyone will be interested in.

This product will be technology related like everything here, and will be updated constantly. So if you think you are interested just click on the link and it will take you straight to the website to view the product in more details.

So if you are looking for great tech deals - check out my Handpicked Deals on the right hand side under the subscribe bar.

Enjoy and save money. ;)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Google Fiber

Google Fiber is something which I certainly just found out about this month. It is a amazing service which is slowly expanding, but right now only available in Kansas city - US. So think of this as a special US posts although personally I think anyone from any country will be interested because this is truly a spectacular service by Google.

So first off, the link is

Now Google are really going out there by offering a broadband service, internet TV - you name it they are planning to do it - literally. 

There offers are great as well,  they have a few bundle offers for everybody its well worth checking it out.
Although this is in its first stages, there 3 main bundles are:

  • Gigabit + TV: $120/month ($300 construction fee waived)
  • Gigabit Internet: $70/month ($300 construction fee waived)
  • Free Internet: $0/month (for at least seven years) + $300 construction fee
The first link just took you to the 'intro' page of Google fiber, the following link has a much more detailed analysis of the bundles and how it works

Ignore the following bit - (its a blog thing)

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Nintendo Wii U - major update

The Nintendo Wii U is a great party/family games console which just makes life that much more fun and enjoyable.

This is my first post about gaming and I am planning to do some more in the next few weeks.

Now the Wii U - The next generation of Nintendo's gaming console has recently received a software update called by Nintendo itself - "major system update" and it does seem quite 'major' indeed.

This update in a nutshell makes the wii u system much faster - something everyone will want.

Here is a the official link about the changes made -

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4G Getting Doubled

With technology constantly increasing we now have treaded into the 4G mobile data service.

In the UK 4G has not really had the same 'impact' that 3G had made when it came out. It has taken a back seat with the lack of signal and even the lack of speeds.

Well this is about to change, EE (the UK's first 4G mobile network company) have announced that they will be doubling -yes doubling the 4G speeds in 10 of the UK's cities. This is supposed to give the UK one of the fastest speeds in the world in terms of 4G mobile data. The speeds are estimated to be increased to a mouth watering maximum of 130 Mbps - that is ridiculously fast. (personally that's like 8* faster than my home internet - Crazy right )

Now this is supposedly meant to happen by this summer so fingers crossed :)

Anyone already have a 4G service - i'm interested to find out what you think of it because it isn't available everywhere and with its huge price tag it isn't very cheap ;) - leave a comment below

And readers from outside the UK who have had 4G for some time now (like the US), tell me what you think of it, and if it is as good as it is hyped up to be.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

So to all the android fans out there that would want the latest of the Samsung Galaxy range the S4 is the one.
But this post is not really about if the phone is good or not, or even if you should buy it. The sole reason this post is made is just the fact that I thought if you are planning to buy this phone and you don't mind waiting a bit (a month or two), I give you one word WAIT.

This is because the price of this phone has been decreasing every couple of days. Initially it was around £600 for the pre-order and then  it went straight to £580. Also Tesco are planning to give this phone for free on a £30/month - 24 month contract. Which is by far the best deal out there. Check this article about it here -

Also in the US which this phone has been released i've seen there are stock shortages which means companies will just charge a extortionate amount for the phone. So if you can control yourself just wait a month or two and you will save yourself a small fortune.

Samsungs website for this phone -

Link to buy product Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB SIM Free

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Great new free commenting system

Hi everyone. The default commenting system for blogger is...ok, but nothing special. I've been looking around and have found what I believe is the best free to use commenting system for blogs, websites and etc...

It's called Disqus and I have installed it for this blog, so for a first hand view of what it's like check out the comments for any post and try it out.

Its really easy to use and once you register it literally takes 2 seconds to set it up for your blog. Although I have only tried it for blogger, there is a option for WordPress as well as many other websites and i'm sure it would be similarly easy to install.

If you like it and want some further details check out there website -

Like I mentioned before check out the comments of any of my posts to get a real time view of this commenting system and try commenting, you can sign in with a disqus, facebook, twitter, google account or alternatively just write your name and email and post your comment. When you write your name and email you have the option to check the box to register a disqus account.

Comment below to share your view/experiences with this commenting system.

Friday, 19 April 2013

New mini phone out soon

This is really a follow up post from my Samsung galaxy s3 mini previously.

While posting my previous post I thought I should also talk about the new S4 mini which should be released soon (in about 2 months - but this is not guaranteed)

So this Samsung galaxy s4 mini is basically a upgrade from the current mini. It will have a better screen, processor and etc... further details can be found here

Now if you are looking to buy from the Samsung mini range I strongly recommend waiting until this phone comes out as it looks like it will be great. And if you are set on buying the S3 mini the price should fall considerably like most things do when a new model is out.

Either way if you buy the S3 mini or wait for the S4 mini you will not be disappoint as they are just great android powered smartphones, of course with the added Samsung features which Samsung are strongly advertising this year, as it is one of there strong selling points.

Here's a picture of what the s4 mini may look like.

Samsung galaxy mini

Everyone now knows how great Samsung phones can be, but they do tend to be expensive. For this reason they have produced a lower priced model with most of the great features.

The Samsung galaxy SIII mini is the first and right now the only (although a S4 mini should be released later this year) one of its range. This phone is a amazing little thing. It's packed with a lot of great features, in a small compact design, with a much smaller price tag.

It can be bought for around £210 and is powered by a snappy 1ghz dual core processor, giving it the ability to run through most day to day tasks without breaking a sweat.

If you want a nice android Samsung device withing a smaller budget then this might be just for you. More details are available from the Samsung website here -

Link to buy Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini Sim Free

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My tip about micro SD cards

So every time I go out, I always notice tech shops selling micro SD cards at price that to me seems insanely high. By tech shops I mean high street shops like Carphone warehouse, Currys and etc... These are UK shops but i'm sure this is true for many other countries aswell.

Now lets take a typical 16gb micro sandisk SD card - online around £10 almost everywhere,  if you are looking for one I recommend amazon or - ill leave links below

So back to the high street retailers, they will sell this exact same SD card for £20+ and the worst thing is they show it as a special offer and act like its a good deal.

For many everyday people this seems like the normal price, seeing as most high street shops will sell it for the same amount.

So now that you have read this post, the next time you need a memory card, please check the online prices because you could be saving yourself a small fortune. - and now with smartphones and all, memory cards are becoming ever-so more common.

Here are a few links for SD cards and a decent price - enjoy :)

SanDisk SD Ultra 32GB Class 10

Monday, 15 April 2013

Great website for discounts

I know what you are thinking...not really tech deals, but and this is a big but, this website is great to use as a middle man to get your tech.

The website is called Quidco which personally,whenever I talk about no one really has heard of. This might be different for you and if it is, you probably have used it and have been making great savings.

But for those who have never used it or even heard of it try out

Its a great website where you register and then search for stuff for example 'Orange'. Then you click on a offer and it takes you to the orange website where you could purchase the offer. But the great thing is that next to the offer is a quidco cashback which pays you for buying the service. - isn't that just great.

Now i have used this for the past 2 years and have saved £60 on 2 of my previous contracts, each, and I'd just like to put this out there to those who want to try it out.

Also sometimes the cashbacks may not get through and it is very unlikely that this happens but there is always a possibility (although this has never happened to me)

Finally quidco take £5 from your earnings a year - so you NEVER actually pay anything to them, they take it from what you saved on (your cashback) so from what I understand if you don't make any savings  by not purchasing anything, then they do not take anything.

Its a interesting little thing, but please check out the full details if you decide to use it.

ENJOY!!! :)

Htc One (zoe)

This is probably the best looking phone up to date. It will be released for purchase later this month. With its top of the range specs, and inquisitive,  unique design it is a must have for many, many people. Even with its hefty price tag of around £539,00 for the 32gb model, it is looking like a very attractive phone, and dare I say one that people will choose over the very well known Samsung galaxy s4.

I wont bore you with the specs, as they can be found here easily -

Now the key uniqueness of this phone is its dual speakers at front. They make this phone sound AMAZING!!! Not too mention how clear they are. It is just great for people who really use there phones to listen to music and watch those hd movies. - which will go great with that 4.7 inch full 1080p screen (all that just means it looks great ;) )

Link to buy is HTC One 32GB SIM Free


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Best Value Phone - 2012/13

Now when it comes to phones and by phones, I mean smartphones there are plenty out there. From Android to Apple and even Windows there's too many to choose from. But when you add value - performance there's just one straight clear winner - The Google Nexus 4.

This beauty of a phone, costs from £239.00 for the 8gb model to £279.00 for the 16gb.

Personally I think this one just looks amazing with its glass glossy design. And with its quad core snapdragon processor to its 2gb ram, its a no brainer to snap this up straight from google, sim-free, meaning unlocked to all networks.

Now this isnt really a special offer as google have been selling this at this price ever since its release but i think compared to all the other smartphones out there witht the same specs as this, it is just unbeatable for the price.

Further details to the google website is here

Samsung galaxy s3 price drop

Now since the announcement of the S4 and its due release around 26th April the S3 prices have been dropping like crazy. I've seen them drop around £60.

The Samsung galaxy S3 is a amazing phone and is almost a year old now. If you are looking for a top notch android quad core power beast of a phone at a good price, then look no further.

Right now one of the best offers is Samsung Galaxy SIII UK Sim Free

I say wait untill the S4 is actually out and then go for the S3 as its price should drop further.


Samsung galaxy note iii

New speculation about the Samsung galaxy note 3 to be released around September suggests that Samsung will opt for a new metal casing instead of the current plastic tradition.

It could look like


Tell us what you think. Do you prefer the plastic or would you prefer a new sleek metallic feel to your Samsung.